Astride grew up in Gressier, Haiti as one of ten children. She enjoys making jewelry with the Béljoy team alongside her sister, Fafane, and she likes working with her boss, Abby. Astride has an eleven-year-old son, Darmourd. Her work with Béljoy enables her to pay for Darmourd’s school fees and provide him with an education. As a single mother, having enough income to take care of her family is incredibly meaningful to her. Astride has an easy going personality. She loves to laugh and she loves her family. In her spare time Astride like to bake, especially pastries, but now she says likes the art and creativity of jewelry making even more.

Fethia “FaFane” grew up in Gressier, Haiti with her sister, Astride. Despite a tough childhood, Fafane and Astride are thriving and both are artisans with the Béljoy team. FaFane is 26 and loves coming to work. Her favorite part of Béljoy is handcrafting necklaces. FaFane’s greatest dream is to see her two-year-old daughter, Antara, complete her education and find a good job. Someday, FaFane would like to get married, have her own home, and see her family grow again, but right now she says she is enjoying working and having lots of fun.

Mercilia has been an artisan with Béljoy since February 2015. She and Decile were the first two artisans to join the Béljoy team. Mercilia is gentle, patient, and a hard worker. After her father died when she was two years old, Mercilia grew up working as a restavek. Although it was a positive environment for her, she now enjoys the freedom to work and earn a stable income. Mercilia and her husband have been married for 16 years and together they have three boys. Despite her quiet demeanor, Mercilia is a natural-born salesperson. As one of Béljoy’s first artisans, Mercilia has been committed to the vision of the organization and has used the opportunity to grow in leadership. She likes everything about Béljoy and dreams of running a small boutique featuring her own creations someday. She likes to sew clothing and is currently saving for an electric sewing machine.

Beatrice is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is a joyful person with a beautiful smile. Beatrice is naturally shy, but she loves people and she loves laughing with her work family. Becoming a part of the Béljoy team in late 2015 changed her life. Beatrice says she can now take care of herself and financially support her seven-year-old daughter, mom, and two younger brothers as well. Beatrice is creative at heart and working with Béljoy has given her an opportunity to earn an income and hone her artistic skills. She is passionate about cosmetology and loves to do hair and nails. She is currently saving money to enroll in nail tech classes with the goal of opening a nail salon.

Joanne grew up in a large family of six sisters and two brothers. She had a great childhood and is still close to her family today. Joanne has a light, upbeat personality and is always talking and telling jokes. Her favorite part of being an artisan for Béljoy is hand crafting all of the different bracelets. Working with Béljoy has given her an opportunity to mature as a business person. She and her boyfriend have a small business where they purchase clothing from Port Au Prince and resell it in Gressier. They hope to open a clothing shop someday.

Decile was one of the first artisans hired by Béljoy. Alongside Mercilia, the two women joined the team in February 2015. Decile is friendly, approachable, and reflects the love of Christ. She has been faithful to the organization and a hard worker from day one, often serving as an advisor for the rest of the artisans. Decile and her husband have been married for 17 years and together they have four children. Before joining Béljoy, she used to sew clothing. After surgery, she found she could no longer work as a seamstress because operating the sewing pedals required too much physical exertion on her body. Her work as an artisan with Béljoy is something she can physically participate in and still earn an income to support her family.

Kathlene is the youngest artisan with the Béljoy team. She is sweet, shy and a hard worker. Her favorite job is being a mama to her two young sons. At just age 20, she financially supports her children, her parents, and her niece. Kathlene joined the team in late 2015 and really likes working as an artisan. Kathlene never attended school and before Béljoy, she did not have a job or reliable income. She recognizes how not having an education in Haiti is a disadvantage and she is working hard to help her family succeed in going school.

Shaeala was raised by her grandparents in a Christian household. She happily leads what she calls a “simple life” with her three children. After her husband passed away in 2012, Shaeala became the primary provider for her family. She is glad she can afford to put all three of her children in school and dreams of having enough for them at all times. Shaeala and her sister Samuella are both artisans for Béljoy. Shaeala enjoys the entire team and the jewelry they create. Her favorite part of working with Béljoy is seeing new jewelry designs for each season. She likes being in an environment where she is always learning new things.

Samuella is a kind and relaxed person, it’s easy to get along with her. She and her sister, Shaeala, are both Béljoy artisans. Samuella likes working with her sister and likes the way the Béljoy team works together. She is a crochet enthusiast, so she likes working with her hands and genuinely enjoys hand crafting each individual piece of Béljoy jewelry. Samuella prides herself on being a mom to her two-year-old daughter. She loves children and dreams of teaching kindergarten someday.

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